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Occasionally you may receive an error message like this: "We were unable to convert your docx file". It is likely that the document you are trying to convert was created with a beta version of Microsoft Office. Unfortunately docx2doc can't convert beta-documents, neither can Microsoft's compatibility pack, according to documents from Microsoft.

Don't despair - there are several options available:

  • Purchase Microsoft Office 2007 Standard
  • Ask a friend with RTM of Office to open file and save
  • As a last resort you can open the document manually

    If you have already downloaded the compatibility pack and try to open a .docx created with a Beta-product you will get the following error message: "This is a pre-release of the Compatibility Pack and can open pre-release Office 2007 files only. Do you want to check for a newer version of the Compatibility Pack?" The error message is very misleading, because you DO in fact have the latest version of the Compatibility pack and downloading again won't help.

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